Waht is long distance healing?

Often people who seek alternative ways of healing and medicine turn to the Long Beard Healer for help and talk to him not only about their own health problems but also about the illnesses of their friends, relatives or mates from different parts of the world. They also need assistance regarding their health issues. However, for one reason or another, they cannot visit him personally.

Occasionally, the convalescence period of some people must continue, despite their required return to work, other commitments or travel. There are cases when he has to urgently influence certain anxiety conditions, as well as, sometimes there is a need of a full-day-health-support of a patient. In these and in many other cases, he had to use his skills in the application of the ancient Chinese and Tibetan method of remote influence (distant healing), called “Wai Chi” (external/distant Chi or Qi). This method impact and healing is carried out without direct contact and regardless the distance.

The application of these skills, little by little became daily practice for the Long Beard Healer, due to the high interest and curiosity to it, and moreover, to its fast and tactile effect. Very soon the interest to it, attracted many supporters and friends from around the world, who started using it on regular basis – for themselves and for their families as well.

Ultimately, the Long Beard Healer needed to create a proper way for applying this healing method, and also, a system to be able to offer it to future users – that is how the “Chi Net Project” was created. The concept of “Chi” (Qi), according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), means “life energy”. All methods of TCM are related to the provision of proper circulation of Chi (Qi) in the system of meridians in the human body.

Of course, for modern people, this could be new, unorthodox, unusual way of influencing health conditions, it could be perceived as exotic and unexplainable. It is difficult to accept it immediately, as it is hard to change the accumulated over the years convictions/views of the available healing methods and of human capabilities as a whole. It is difficult to overcome mistrust, to decide and accept a healing method that differs from the painfully familiar pill.

The best part, however is, that more modern people are becoming interested and seek new opportunities for treatment, since in many cases, traditional medicine is useless. The Long Beard Healer would like to assure you that human possibilities are unlimited! All illnesses can be cured! Any health problem can be treated and healed!

During the years while he was applying the “Chi Net Project”, many people have joined and tried its fast and positive effect. They were happy to share their experience and success with their relatives and friends. The latter, on their turn, joined and appreciated the impact of distant healing. The interest began to grow continuously, which was a pleasant surprise.

You can try it too! Do not miss out on a new, pleasant, accessible and efficient opportunity to improve your health status. It is available anytime and anywhere! However, if you are not a believer in this method or in similar ones, the effect will not be obtained. The Long Beard Healer advises: “Overcome your prejudice and try! Open your mind and accept the healing! Believe and you will obtain!”

If you are still in doubt, but you hold a little bit of faith – you can try! And if the attempt is successful, you will discover great opportunities to improve your health without having to be away from home or from work. Join and become one of the many friends of “Chi Net Project”.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine “there are no incurable diseases, there are incurable people”. The Long Beard Healer says: “I can help with any disease, but not to every person.”

The Long Beard Healer

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